November 2015 Events

7: Attack of the Big Beers, Charlotte, NC

Superfly Fabulous Events presents the second annual Attack of the Big Beers—Charlotte's High Gravity Beer Fest, which will take place at NODA. There will be afternoon and evening sessions, each with more than 100 craft beers, many of them from Charlotte and the Carolinas. The lineup will include high-gravity, session, Belgian, and infused beers. Professional brewers will compete for the Brewzilla Cup. In addition, there will be a DJ, aerial acrobatics, yoga, and hoopers.

13: Friday the Firkenteenth, Philadelphia, PA

Friday the Firkenteenth, held at the Grey Lodge in Philadelphia, is a Friday the 13th tradition that dates back to 1998. There will be afternoon and evening tasting sessions, each with more than 25 firkins of cask-conditioned beer. This is the only known beer event in the world whose frequency and timing are entirely at the mercy of the calendar.